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February 24, 2011

Lunch Time #tparty

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I had a fabulous time spending my lunch break with the amazing crafty ladies of Oh My Handmade Goodness! at the Twitter tea party hosted by @ohmyhandmade.

A great opportunity to hang out and ask questions to pro and semi-pro crafters. In the second hour (the hour I was in on) we chatted a lot about organization – of your life and your crafting stuff. I soooooooooo need to get on that. I’ve done so little crafting recently for so many reasons, but organizing the stuff is such a big part of it. I organized the yarn this winter – it looks pretty, it’s nice that it’s safe from moths in ziplock bags, but balls of yarn in ziplocks take up way more room than balls of yarn by themselves. I’ve been able to group all of the same yarns together so I can see what colours I have (yay!), and bags of the same fibers, a bag for novelty yarns, etc. They all fit perfectly, until I found a shopping bag full of yarn that hadn’t made it in…

Knit more, or destash!

I think since I decided that it was time to stop with the super cheap yarn, I need to just whole hog get rid of that stuff, and relegate it to the teach-other-people-to-knit-Kit.

That’ll make room for the sock yarn that came last week from Mary Maxim! My first pair of socks is nearly done 😀 I was soooo proud of myself the first time I turned the heel on that sock! I’ve fallen in love with sock knitting, because unlike mittens, you actually can’t make too many pairs.

I’ve got another order for legwarmers & wrist warmers – much to my delight, as much as I love my plus-size ladies, they are for a teeny tiny friend, so they should be a quick knit!


February 20, 2011

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

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For the first time ever since my first piece of knitting, did I today drop a stitch. Somehow I’m either so meticulous, or lucky that it’s never happened before!

February 12, 2011

Updates, updates!

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Been too busy knitting for much in the way of updates! Bonnie Lass Thigh warmers are finished, and hopefully will be handed off today. Sock yarn arrived from Mary Maxim today, too! Pictures of some FOs soon!

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