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April 22, 2011

Yarn Comes from the Interwebs

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It is, perhaps, unfortunate that I have discovered that there is copious amounts of otherwise unavailable yarn to had from ebay. I am very very very pleased that shortly I will be the proud owner of:

Elvincraft BFL sock yarn in “Woaded Warrior Woman” (which already sounds like one fierce pair of socks!)


2 balls of Crystal Palace Chunky Mochi in Rainbow! I have been trying to get my hands on this yarn for months – it’s not retailed anywhere in Montreal, and you know how much I LOVE my rainbow yarn. I consider whether “pride knitting” should become a niche of mine…

Which reminds me! I have two people interested in rainbow legwarmers – time to pull up my stockings and be pro-active!!


April 20, 2011

Organising Craft Supplies, Part 2

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New Year’s Eve 2010 (3 1/2 months ago), I took stock of my craft supplies organisation. Things did not look so good. Here’s what it looked like then:

Things that are organized already:

Yarn: In ziplock bags by fiber, weight, and quality. In the big basket in the entertainment unit.

Paint: In the spice rack on the wall/big bottles on the shelf. Could use another spice rack to move big bottles off of shelf. Does not include paint pens or brushes – is there a way to hold these in the spice rack?

Crafting Books: Are all in the bedroom – two shelves worth. Is there room for them in the living room.

Stamping Supplies: Are in a shoe box. This is a great place for them, but the shoe boxes don’t have a set place, nor have they been prettified.

Things which are NOT organized:

Fabric Scraps 2m-0.25m: Are presently rolled up in the bottom drawer of the craft tower, or scattered about.

Large Fabric Scraps 2m+: Are badly folded on the top shelf above the sewing machine. I need a way to organize the fabric so that I can see it, easily get to it without upsetting the entire order of things.

Sewing Notions & Tools: Thread (large, narrow, regular spools), bobbins, needles, machine needles, straight pins, interfacing, grommet pieces, snap pieces, NEW ROTARY CUTTER (yay!), large acrylic ruler, chalk marker. Presently in drawers, buckets, etc. – all over the place.

Sewing Accessories: Scraps of webbing straps, buckles, patches, trim, ribbon, zippers,

Outstanding Large Quantity of Cotton Yarn: 8 x 710yds of Handicrafter Cotton. It’s in a large lavander tote bag, so it’s all together, but that needs a place to live.

Bags for Alteration: Tote bags, shoulder bags, & purses – need to be altered, so they can be sold! I need to get my ass in gear and make these!! Actually make them! I have been talking about these (planning these, acquiring these), and they’re piling up, and I need to use them and get them out of here!!!!

Knitting Needles: I have to make a needle roll – I’ve been planning to make one of these for months, which would free up a shoe box, in which they are currently held. I would like to make one that specifically classes needles by size, cause I’m sick of measuring every needle every time I have to use them.

Kiddie Supplies: Like pipe-cleaners, pompoms, glitter. They’re presently scattered through the craft tower – I think. These could use a shoe box.

Papercraft: Tissue paper, regular paper, stencils, markers, pencil crayons, crayons,

Salvage: Mostly fabric, but occasionally things like skinned paintings.

Sewing Patterns: I do a lot of my own pattern making – I have some pieces that are fabric from deconstructed garments, and some which are sketching paper cut-outs. Very few are actually published paper patterns that fold up into envelopes.

NEW PRINTER YAY!: This will need a spot to go, but it’s a wifi printer, so fortunately, I don’t have to worry about setting it up in a place where it can connect to the computer.

Common Use Items: I need to have easy access to things like pens, scissors, tape, etc. the things I need frequently, and which span across lots of crafting media.

Small Tools: Glue gun, wood burner, staple gun.

This is what has been subsequently organised… or unorganised.

Yarn: Have been getting together what didn’t make it into the giant basket he first time around – there is more than will fit into the basket, unless I can raise the sides a little. I only have about 6″ all around that I could raise the basket before it won’t fit into its spot. The giant quantity of handicraft cotton is still in its lavender bag, but it now has a nice little spot beside the giant basket. I’ve also acquired some large cones of superwash yarn, they’re in bags now, so they’re protected from dust & the dog, but they don’t really fit in the basket or anywhere else.

Sewing Notions: For the second time, I’ve salvaged a real honest-to-goodness sewing box. Thread, pins, and needles, are all now supposed to be in one of the two boxes. The most recent find is a fold out number like this, so it’s great for thread, the first one I salvaged is much deeper, and has a sit-in tray that fills the top 2″. Below that, it’s just empty space, right now it contains a jumble of paper and fabric pattern pieces.

Sewing Accessories: trim, zippers, iron-ons, bias tape, etc. now have their own shoe box – they might be able to move to the bottom of the sewing box once there’s a place for the pattern pieces.

Beads and Jewelry Supplies: since discovering the fun and awesome of making stitch markers, I’ve picked up some beads and other similar supplies. They are all in reclaimed clear pill bottles and nicely inside a shoe box. I think so things like grommets might have made it in there by accident, though.

The Craft Tower: has been slightly reorganised. Now that I’ve picked up some more shoe boxes, and have a good place to stack them, some things were able to be moved out and so the tower was reorganised:

Top drawer still contains non-crafting things that I need to not lose, like my cheque book, gift certificates, and general quasi-important junk.

Second drawer contains pens, markers, fabric markers, pencils, and the crayon box.

Third drawer contains tools, like glue guns (which it turns out I have 3 of!!) and glue sticks, staple gun, wood burning pen, scissors, rotary cutter, and for some reason, toothpaste sample tubes.

Fourth drawer is a wasteland of stuff that hasn’t been sorted.

Fifth drawer has the felt supply, and partly-completed sewing projects which are hibernating.

Sixth drawer contains all of the kiddy craft supplies, like pipe cleaners, pompoms, and glitter.

Seventh drawer still contains the 0.25m-2m rolls of fabric.

Nothing else has really moved, but it feels a little better. We moved two of the chairs with broken backs up to on top of the entertainment unit – it might be a little unconventional, but since the chairs themselves have emotional meaning (they were my grandparents), and since we needed a way to move our teeny tiny TV upwards so that both people sitting on the couch can see it, it works. And it gives a good place to stack shoe boxes – under and over.

I’m close to being able to get rid of the rolling-stack-of-wire-basket-kitchen-thing. That’d be nice.

April 17, 2011

The Curse of the Curvaceous Crafter, Episode 1

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Standing in the shower this morning, wincing slightly as I dragged my sponge across the angry red skin under my boobs, I’ve come to the conclusion that bras are just not shaped like my boobs.

This isn’t a matter of the right size of bra – if you measured me like you’re “supposed” to (i.e. lean over until your back is parallel to the floor, breasts hanging straight down, and then measure the narrowest part of your chest just under your breasts, and then measure around the widest part of your breast; the difference between these two measures is your cup size: 1″=1 letter size), I would, no joke, wear a size H.

But that’s not all!

I tend to buy my bras by fit more than by size – if there are DDDs, that’s usually what I’m going for, but otherwise DDs or Ds depending on the cut.

But the problem isn’t “size” so much as it is shape – my boobs point outwards, not forwards, and they’re connected to my armpits. They’re very very soft and squishy, so they fill out an ordinary bra ok, but not without the added discomfort of chaffing in the weird gaps and folds that wouldn’t be there if they were sitting as they should naturally.

I think it’s time to knit some.

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