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April 20, 2011

Organising Craft Supplies, Part 2

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New Year’s Eve 2010 (3 1/2 months ago), I took stock of my craft supplies organisation. Things did not look so good. Here’s what it looked like then:

Things that are organized already:

Yarn: In ziplock bags by fiber, weight, and quality. In the big basket in the entertainment unit.

Paint: In the spice rack on the wall/big bottles on the shelf. Could use another spice rack to move big bottles off of shelf. Does not include paint pens or brushes – is there a way to hold these in the spice rack?

Crafting Books: Are all in the bedroom – two shelves worth. Is there room for them in the living room.

Stamping Supplies: Are in a shoe box. This is a great place for them, but the shoe boxes don’t have a set place, nor have they been prettified.

Things which are NOT organized:

Fabric Scraps 2m-0.25m: Are presently rolled up in the bottom drawer of the craft tower, or scattered about.

Large Fabric Scraps 2m+: Are badly folded on the top shelf above the sewing machine. I need a way to organize the fabric so that I can see it, easily get to it without upsetting the entire order of things.

Sewing Notions & Tools: Thread (large, narrow, regular spools), bobbins, needles, machine needles, straight pins, interfacing, grommet pieces, snap pieces, NEW ROTARY CUTTER (yay!), large acrylic ruler, chalk marker. Presently in drawers, buckets, etc. – all over the place.

Sewing Accessories: Scraps of webbing straps, buckles, patches, trim, ribbon, zippers,

Outstanding Large Quantity of Cotton Yarn: 8 x 710yds of Handicrafter Cotton. It’s in a large lavander tote bag, so it’s all together, but that needs a place to live.

Bags for Alteration: Tote bags, shoulder bags, & purses – need to be altered, so they can be sold! I need to get my ass in gear and make these!! Actually make them! I have been talking about these (planning these, acquiring these), and they’re piling up, and I need to use them and get them out of here!!!!

Knitting Needles: I have to make a needle roll – I’ve been planning to make one of these for months, which would free up a shoe box, in which they are currently held. I would like to make one that specifically classes needles by size, cause I’m sick of measuring every needle every time I have to use them.

Kiddie Supplies: Like pipe-cleaners, pompoms, glitter. They’re presently scattered through the craft tower – I think. These could use a shoe box.

Papercraft: Tissue paper, regular paper, stencils, markers, pencil crayons, crayons,

Salvage: Mostly fabric, but occasionally things like skinned paintings.

Sewing Patterns: I do a lot of my own pattern making – I have some pieces that are fabric from deconstructed garments, and some which are sketching paper cut-outs. Very few are actually published paper patterns that fold up into envelopes.

NEW PRINTER YAY!: This will need a spot to go, but it’s a wifi printer, so fortunately, I don’t have to worry about setting it up in a place where it can connect to the computer.

Common Use Items: I need to have easy access to things like pens, scissors, tape, etc. the things I need frequently, and which span across lots of crafting media.

Small Tools: Glue gun, wood burner, staple gun.

This is what has been subsequently organised… or unorganised.

Yarn: Have been getting together what didn’t make it into the giant basket he first time around – there is more than will fit into the basket, unless I can raise the sides a little. I only have about 6″ all around that I could raise the basket before it won’t fit into its spot. The giant quantity of handicraft cotton is still in its lavender bag, but it now has a nice little spot beside the giant basket. I’ve also acquired some large cones of superwash yarn, they’re in bags now, so they’re protected from dust & the dog, but they don’t really fit in the basket or anywhere else.

Sewing Notions: For the second time, I’ve salvaged a real honest-to-goodness sewing box. Thread, pins, and needles, are all now supposed to be in one of the two boxes. The most recent find is a fold out number like this, so it’s great for thread, the first one I salvaged is much deeper, and has a sit-in tray that fills the top 2″. Below that, it’s just empty space, right now it contains a jumble of paper and fabric pattern pieces.

Sewing Accessories: trim, zippers, iron-ons, bias tape, etc. now have their own shoe box – they might be able to move to the bottom of the sewing box once there’s a place for the pattern pieces.

Beads and Jewelry Supplies: since discovering the fun and awesome of making stitch markers, I’ve picked up some beads and other similar supplies. They are all in reclaimed clear pill bottles and nicely inside a shoe box. I think so things like grommets might have made it in there by accident, though.

The Craft Tower: has been slightly reorganised. Now that I’ve picked up some more shoe boxes, and have a good place to stack them, some things were able to be moved out and so the tower was reorganised:

Top drawer still contains non-crafting things that I need to not lose, like my cheque book, gift certificates, and general quasi-important junk.

Second drawer contains pens, markers, fabric markers, pencils, and the crayon box.

Third drawer contains tools, like glue guns (which it turns out I have 3 of!!) and glue sticks, staple gun, wood burning pen, scissors, rotary cutter, and for some reason, toothpaste sample tubes.

Fourth drawer is a wasteland of stuff that hasn’t been sorted.

Fifth drawer has the felt supply, and partly-completed sewing projects which are hibernating.

Sixth drawer contains all of the kiddy craft supplies, like pipe cleaners, pompoms, and glitter.

Seventh drawer still contains the 0.25m-2m rolls of fabric.

Nothing else has really moved, but it feels a little better. We moved two of the chairs with broken backs up to on top of the entertainment unit – it might be a little unconventional, but since the chairs themselves have emotional meaning (they were my grandparents), and since we needed a way to move our teeny tiny TV upwards so that both people sitting on the couch can see it, it works. And it gives a good place to stack shoe boxes – under and over.

I’m close to being able to get rid of the rolling-stack-of-wire-basket-kitchen-thing. That’d be nice.


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