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December 15, 2011

How To Give A Cup Cozy As A Gift

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You know you’ve been there, sitting expectantly while someone opens the gift you’ve just given them. The expression on their face changes for delighted expectation to… trying to hide the look of utter confusion as they try to decipher what exactly it is that you’ve just given them. Ouch. Extra ouch if it’s a handmade gift.

My sister’s roommate’s mother sent each of them hand-knit wrist warmers for Christmas last year. Or, at least that’s what they figured they were, but as my sister watched me packing up gifts for my in-laws this year she had to pause and wonder, if, in fact, they’d been given cup cozies.

Confuse your friends no more!

When giving your cup cozy, if you’re giving it in person, putting it on a take out cup from your recipient’s favourite coffee stop is a great way to a) demonstrate what it is, b) give a gift that looks a little more impressive to unwrap, c) it makes a great way to add extras to the gift, like sachets of coffee, chocolate-covered coffee beans, or homemade biscotti. However, if you have to mail your cup cozy off across the continent, or have 8 of them to bring in for your coworkers at your company Christmas party, an empty cup stops making quite so much sense.

Enter, the cup cozy gift giver!

Green Stockings Craft & Design 2011 Cup Cozy Layout Christmas Craft Gift Wrapping

This free printable pdf gives a layout for 2 cup cozies that you can print, cut out, and stick to cardboard or foam core, or print directly on card stock.

There is enough space on each cup outline to stick on a gift tag, and write down the washing instructions or another message.

Each cup outline is just less than 5″ at the top. While it’s a little wider than your standard take out cup, it’s to make up for the fact that it’s flat!

Happy Gift Giving!

PS – Ravelry members can check out my project page for the 12 cup cozies that I’m giving as Christmas gifts this year at – I’m always looking for new Rav friends, so add me if you’re so inclined! -Katharine

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