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January 30, 2012

Knitting, knitting, knit-ting!

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So following a my insane Christmas knitting (finished some time a few days after Christmas… our Christmas was so insane on its own that no one noticed me curled up in a ball knitting in the corner on Christmas morning…), I got a serious bout of startitis.

I promised my hubby Bear a pair of mittens that still haven’t made it off the needles (well, except for when I ripped the 75% finished mitten back to the cuff because I could not figure out the hell to manage the decreases in a tube made out of right twist stitches (like the ones found in the Corrugated Cup Cozy. It was just a mind-fuck I could not deal with. So now he’s getting some stranded stockinette stitch mittens that I’m going to have to tack down the green yarn that’s traveling in the back of the fabric because it might be too short strands across the thumb. I will have to show you a picture to have any idea what I’m talking about, I realise.

Bear, as I’m sure I’ve said before, is amazing, and specifically at woodworking type things. He built me an Amish-style swift (built based on Crafty Diversions’ Instructable) as a Christmas present this year, and so I could not wait to try it out. Which of course lead to my winding my beautiful hank of Elvincraft BFL in a fabulous colour called “Woaded Warrior Woman”. It became a ball of yarn that is becoming a stunning Trillian shawl. This is my first time working with anything approaching lace (if we are willing to stretch the truth a little and call 3 yarnovers at the border of a sock-weight shawl “lace”). As predicted, though, the garter stitch of the scarf has made amazing colours through the main body of the scarf, they’re all blended exactly like you’d like them to be, and they shine through each on their own in the lace border. It’s brilliant. The open-er gauge that I chose in order to get a nice large shawl with less yarn is really working, too.

As though a pair of mitts and shawl weren’t enough, I’ve managed to add 3 other new projects and one revived one to my list at the moment. Oh yeah, and I need to make some more business cards and knit a pair of green socks or stockings before March 20th!

If only I could spend more than just my one lunch hour knitting!!


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