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August 11, 2012


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Tee hee 🙂


I didn’t get a great photo of the AIDS ribbon yarn bomb I did for the welcome of the Friends for Life Bike Rally and Team Knitters to Montreal at the end of their Toronto-to-Montreal bike ride to raise money to support people with AIDS.

You can see it above my head in this lovely photo courtesy of the lady who got us there, the lovely SeeEmilieKnit


I don’t know that I 100% understand coating things in yarn for its own sake (sure it’s prettified, but isn’t that a waste of perfectly good yarn?) – I take much more pleasure in clever, contextual yarn bombs: scarves & hats on statues in the winter, that kind of thing 🙂  I also love it when it’s done in real wool yarn, so that birds and animals can nick from it for nest materials, and I worry (perhaps unfoundedly?) that they’ll choke on acrylic.  Maybe I’m just nuts?



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