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September 28, 2012

How To GreenStockings

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my “brand” as a crafter – I know I’m not in a position to make a full-time, no-day-job go of crafting (yet?), but I do think it’s probably advantageous to have my volunteer/fun crafting adventures in some way incorporated under the GreenStockings heading. I’m presently organizing a knitting & handwork group at the Unitarian Church of Montreal ( where I’m a member, and I’ve organized a series of knitting picnics for local crafters.

Parts of my “branding”:

– At the moment, the closest thing I have to a logo is an outline of a pair of socks, and it’s green. Real creative, eh?
– My business cards are self-printed, and stiffened with cut up birthday/holiday cards – I REALLY like this as an aesthetic, and that the cards are handmade and unique.
– My website is crap-tastic (I would much rather it be craft-tastic!); I like the simplicity of the layout and the colours, but would like to somehow have a cover page AND display the recent blog posts – my current layout can’t do that.
– I haven’t found need for a Facebook page, yet – I don’t have enough content to make it worth it.
– I hate my twitter handle, but someone else stole mine, and has only tweeted once. Poo. My current handle is @GreenStockCraft, which has lead people to erroneously assume that I have something to say about environmentally-savvy investing.

What will make my “branding” better:

– Choosing what I want my crafting life to be about, exactly.
– Choosing a consistent aesthetic for my work (will this ever happen? I don’t have a consistent aesthetic for my house, or my clothes (well, maybe my clothes, my husband would say my clothes aesthetic is “weird”), or my finished crafted items.)
– Creating a blogging plan that will give me some sort of a route to plan what I want to be about.
– Choosing a logo that I can use both on printed material, and as a stamp on fabric items, and on things like labels on finished items. Since I am a craft nerd, I just picked up a Speedball Quick linoleum stamp carving kit, with the idea of making a stamp of the logo I choose(?, figure out? design?). This means it’s got to be super simple, not too intricate, and work in only one colour.

Thoughts about what my crafting life is about:
– Knitting
– Organizing knitting/crafting events
– Sewing (sewing has seriously dropped off since I have moved out of my parents’ place – I don’t have a large expanse of floor to lay out fabric pieces, nor do I have a basement to hide away in, instead I’ve got the living room, which is the hub of activity in our house, and so I tend to avoid it.)
– Paper craft, very rarely (though there is an opportunity to work with Jen who is the scrap book lady extraordinaire)
– Small items crafting (small things made from felt, with googly eyes… you know the ones. Again, I used to do a whole lot more of this, and since I now have to store it all once I’ve made it, I don’t do so much of this any more, either).
– If my actual blog posts are anything to go by, a lot of my crafting life is taken up *thinking* about my crafting life. Ahh, day jobs.

That’s my thoughts so far! More to come!


September 20, 2012

Sherbrooke Metro Bubbles Up!

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I shot this 20 second video of an (art?) group blowing bubbles in Sherbrooke Metro yesterday! They had set up a small sign encouraging people to “Sort de ta bulle!” (Get out of your bubble!)

So much fun! Made my trip home that much more pleasant 🙂

Blogging Plan

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I feel like this is the kind of thing that we’re supposed to plan on our own… in the dark recesses of our documents folder, inside the folder called “MyCompanyName”, right next to the document called “Business Plan.” That somehow, our blogs’ recipes for content are supposed to be a private thing, that we’re supposed to tinker with to stem the 4am worried tears of being underappreciated.

But since I do most of this thinking about craft stuff instead of taking a lunch break from work most days, and it can only make sense to keep all of this saved in a place I can get it back again – sure, I have the capacity for Google Docs, I suppose, but I think there’s some value in using the blog itself as a sounding board for blogging… especially since it seems that there isn’t a huge readership (ha ha).

Unfortunately, since those lunch hours are always shorter than I’d like, there’s nothing to this blogging plan of mine, just yet. More thoughts on this coming soon!

September 18, 2012

Great Advice for Working Towards Being a Professional Artist

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Just wanted to share a great post from Alisa Burke called Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Artist. I especially liked her advice about taking baby steps, and the reminder that it can take a LONG time to be set up in a place where you can quit your day job. All of her advice I think I know intuitively – that it takes incredible discipline to work at a creative life, and that I may spend a long time with a day job before I can manage to work from home at something creative.

So here is the beginning of my questions/challenges back to myself, inspired by Alisa’s post:

1. What baby steps do I need to work at to make my own creative dreams happen?
– Get out of debt (not really a baby step? I suppose each time I pay something off it’s a baby step…)
– Figure out what products (physical and social) I can offer, and will enjoy offering more than once
– Better arrangement of work space/how to share space with the baby (not to mention the rest of the family!)
– Better paper filing system
– Create a network of workshop/event participants – have a mailing list and enough events/things that people will feel that it’s worth it to be part of a mailing list: is this a place where FB could be useful?

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