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September 18, 2012

Great Advice for Working Towards Being a Professional Artist

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Just wanted to share a great post from Alisa Burke called Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Artist. I especially liked her advice about taking baby steps, and the reminder that it can take a LONG time to be set up in a place where you can quit your day job. All of her advice I think I know intuitively – that it takes incredible discipline to work at a creative life, and that I may spend a long time with a day job before I can manage to work from home at something creative.

So here is the beginning of my questions/challenges back to myself, inspired by Alisa’s post:

1. What baby steps do I need to work at to make my own creative dreams happen?
– Get out of debt (not really a baby step? I suppose each time I pay something off it’s a baby step…)
– Figure out what products (physical and social) I can offer, and will enjoy offering more than once
– Better arrangement of work space/how to share space with the baby (not to mention the rest of the family!)
– Better paper filing system
– Create a network of workshop/event participants – have a mailing list and enough events/things that people will feel that it’s worth it to be part of a mailing list: is this a place where FB could be useful?


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