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September 20, 2012

Blogging Plan

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I feel like this is the kind of thing that we’re supposed to plan on our own… in the dark recesses of our documents folder, inside the folder called “MyCompanyName”, right next to the document called “Business Plan.” That somehow, our blogs’ recipes for content are supposed to be a private thing, that we’re supposed to tinker with to stem the 4am worried tears of being underappreciated.

But since I do most of this thinking about craft stuff instead of taking a lunch break from work most days, and it can only make sense to keep all of this saved in a place I can get it back again – sure, I have the capacity for Google Docs, I suppose, but I think there’s some value in using the blog itself as a sounding board for blogging… especially since it seems that there isn’t a huge readership (ha ha).

Unfortunately, since those lunch hours are always shorter than I’d like, there’s nothing to this blogging plan of mine, just yet. More thoughts on this coming soon!


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  1. […] would say my clothes aesthetic is “weird”), or my finished crafted items.) – Creating a blogging plan that will give me some sort of a route to plan what I want to be about. – Choosing a logo that I […]

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