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September 28, 2012

How To GreenStockings

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my “brand” as a crafter – I know I’m not in a position to make a full-time, no-day-job go of crafting (yet?), but I do think it’s probably advantageous to have my volunteer/fun crafting adventures in some way incorporated under the GreenStockings heading. I’m presently organizing a knitting & handwork group at the Unitarian Church of Montreal ( where I’m a member, and I’ve organized a series of knitting picnics for local crafters.

Parts of my “branding”:

– At the moment, the closest thing I have to a logo is an outline of a pair of socks, and it’s green. Real creative, eh?
– My business cards are self-printed, and stiffened with cut up birthday/holiday cards – I REALLY like this as an aesthetic, and that the cards are handmade and unique.
– My website is crap-tastic (I would much rather it be craft-tastic!); I like the simplicity of the layout and the colours, but would like to somehow have a cover page AND display the recent blog posts – my current layout can’t do that.
– I haven’t found need for a Facebook page, yet – I don’t have enough content to make it worth it.
– I hate my twitter handle, but someone else stole mine, and has only tweeted once. Poo. My current handle is @GreenStockCraft, which has lead people to erroneously assume that I have something to say about environmentally-savvy investing.

What will make my “branding” better:

– Choosing what I want my crafting life to be about, exactly.
– Choosing a consistent aesthetic for my work (will this ever happen? I don’t have a consistent aesthetic for my house, or my clothes (well, maybe my clothes, my husband would say my clothes aesthetic is “weird”), or my finished crafted items.)
– Creating a blogging plan that will give me some sort of a route to plan what I want to be about.
– Choosing a logo that I can use both on printed material, and as a stamp on fabric items, and on things like labels on finished items. Since I am a craft nerd, I just picked up a Speedball Quick linoleum stamp carving kit, with the idea of making a stamp of the logo I choose(?, figure out? design?). This means it’s got to be super simple, not too intricate, and work in only one colour.

Thoughts about what my crafting life is about:
– Knitting
– Organizing knitting/crafting events
– Sewing (sewing has seriously dropped off since I have moved out of my parents’ place – I don’t have a large expanse of floor to lay out fabric pieces, nor do I have a basement to hide away in, instead I’ve got the living room, which is the hub of activity in our house, and so I tend to avoid it.)
– Paper craft, very rarely (though there is an opportunity to work with Jen who is the scrap book lady extraordinaire)
– Small items crafting (small things made from felt, with googly eyes… you know the ones. Again, I used to do a whole lot more of this, and since I now have to store it all once I’ve made it, I don’t do so much of this any more, either).
– If my actual blog posts are anything to go by, a lot of my crafting life is taken up *thinking* about my crafting life. Ahh, day jobs.

That’s my thoughts so far! More to come!


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