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October 15, 2012

More How to GreenStockings: Logo & Visual Branding

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Is this the new GreenStockings logo?

So I missed it again, another Oh My Handmade Goodnes! live chat!! Maybe there’s something about Thursday at lunch that’s just busy for me? Maybe I just always forget that that’s when it is…

The topic for this past Thursday’s chat was about logos & visual branding (something I’m thinking about! I’ve touched on it in my last crafty business post More How To GreenStockings: 10 Adjectives for my Brand).

You can see the full round up of the twitter chat highlights here. They talked about a bunch of things; the thoughts that most resonated with me were:

anile great logo = unique, personal but accessible, versatile, adaptable, also will grow with you – not limiting
designcoyote A great logo makes a statement about your brand. It is consistent, visual, & portrays who you are in a single graphic.
perideaudesigns a logo conveys visual feelings, intentions and a story.

The next OMHG post about using a Visual Brand Tool Box was great, too – lots of good stuff, but a slightly disappointing premise:

First step is to have a clear brand strategy. Your brand strategy needs to go beyond your mission, vision, and values: it needs to evoke emotion and connect with your target audience.

Once you know your brand strategy you then take that strategy and make it visual.

It would be great if there were any sort of connecting information between “first step is to have a clear branding strategy” and “once you know your branding strategy”… but, you know, you work with what you got in free resources!

“Work with what you got?” THIS CALLS FOR A MUSICAL INTERLUDE!


Right. Logos.

Part of the reason I posted this video is that I love the visual aesthetic of the drawing animation over the video. Also, wicked headpieces of forested things.

The Visual Brand Tool Box article has a number of really good ideas, too:
– choosing two typefaces: one for the header, one for the body text;
– choosing 3 to 5 colours for your brand: one main colour, and a group of accent colours;
– 3 different kinds of photographs! this was a revelation to me (because there are categories! with names!) – and an excellent tool for me to think about. So far, I’ve not taken many pictures of my work, since I’ve not been selling it, and thus haven’t needed to advertise it. What photos I have taken have been mostly as blank as I can managed (no busy background, as neutral as possible, just the craft in the image), but as a result haven’t been the most stunning of photos. Most of my craft photos tend to be of knitting, and are visible on my Ravelry projects pages .

So, how do I relate this information about logos to my branding words from my last post: Sexy Cute Handmade Social Feminist Local Knit Ethical Upcycled Colourful?!? (I’ve dropped Durable/Sustainable from the list – I think it’s covered by Ethical, Handmade, and Upcycled)

Somewhere in the (ever less disastrous!) disaster of our apartment there’s a designer’s visual thesaurus, which I think is a neat idea – it’s like a word thesaurus, but for each listing, there’s a series of images to jump start your ideas. Somehow though, I doubt that the words on my list would actually appear there. I don’t think upcycled was a word when the book was published.

My instinct tells me that an illustrated logo/visuals or typographical ones are going to be more effective for what I do than a photo-based logo/visuals, and I especially like the recommendation to have a group of icons: I think Mad in Crafts does this pretty well. I think the handmade market place is more attuned to illustrations, especially if one of my brand words is “cute” (in the Japanese kawaii sense, not as much in the Disney princess sense).

My next job is to do a word-association with my branding words. I need to embed them in my brain, so that whenever I’m thinking about my brand, I’m thinking about: Sexy Cute Handmade Social Feminist Local Knit Ethical Upcycled Colourful!


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