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October 11, 2012

Halloween -20 Days!

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Not to freak you out, craft land, but there’s only 20 days until Halloween!

Now, there are certainly people who take Halloween more seriously in a crafting way than I do – but, you know, they also decorate for Valentine’s Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Easter… I have a box full of Christmas that gets pulled out on December 1st (or earlier if I can sneak it past Bear), but I don’t think I would be permitted to store a box full of any other holidays (not without getting rid of some of the yarn stash, anyway…). I have seen wicked Halloween décor (pun definitely intended!) across the interwebs, but since it’s just Bear and I at home, and it’s enough of a challenge to keep the house from blowing up from the clutter as it is, any Halloween décor gets saved for handing out candy at my parents’ place.

I actually bothered to join Pinterest (I’m Green Stockings there, too!) specifically to plan my Halloween décor for handing out candy. My sister and I (ok, really, me, but I did a great job of roping her in!) had a massive Halloween display every year, complete with a grave yard and a giant black garbage bag bat. Now all of that has gone the way of the dodo (styrofoam tomb stones only last so much time (+-10 years) in the shed under the porch before they disintegrate completely). Now it’s my hubby and I giving out candy this year, and next we’ll have a wee one in tow!

Our Halloween theme last year was the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons (an obscure reference, I know, but I’d love you forever if you squeed just then!) Last year the décor consisted of a paper sign on the porch, and my dog in a green sweater. Let’s see if we can’t improve on that this year, shall we? You can see my whole Halloween Inspiration pin board here

Simple ideas that I’m definitely going to replicate:

Window Silhouettes

Thanks to user Knickertwist for this cool idea! My parents have great windows for this, and they’re along the walls that are rarely decorated (my parents live on the corner of the street – the side with the door also has the front yard, so Halloween décor gets clustered there, which is actually the side-street side of their house). Having the window lit up on the main thoroughfare side of the house will be a great addition. Of course, my silhouette design will be a dragon!

Faux Wax Drip Candles

Design DNA brings us this awesome tutorial for flame-free wax drip candles, made from toilet and paper towel rolls and hot glue, and with a battery operated tea light in the top. I love this idea, though I’m not super sure how well they will appear in the dark outside – but there always seems to be a point when we move inside and the kids come up the steps to the door, so maybe we’ll have a cluster outside at the door.

Torture the Dog with a Dragon Costume, Costume

This is a costume that’s sold, not crafted, but I figure I can probably manage something like this… I don’t know how well I’ll manage it in the next 20 days, but the dog needs a better winter coat than we’ve got (right now we’ve got a single layer polar fleece cape-like-thing


October 4, 2012

This is Green Stockings!

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You’ve stumbled across the corner of the internet taken up by the crafting empire, GreenStockings, ruling overlords of a small ground floor apartment in Montreal, QC.

GreenStockings is a small time crafting outfit immensely concerned with knitting, but also with sex-positive feminism, life with a toddler, sewing & other crafting, the city of Montreal, and Unitarian Universalism. GreenStockings is a one-woman operation with immense support from a spouse affectionately known as the HusBear. GreenStockings may not be much of a money-making outfit, but it’s definitely a fun-making, clothes-making, décor-making, mess-making (just ask Bear), laundry-doing, rarely-cooking, but frequently nap-taking crafting adventure!

Please feel join us by following the blog, following us on Instagram (@green_stockings), Facebook (Green Stockings Crafts & Creative Events). We also have a Ravelry group (GreenStockings Creative), and feel free to friend me (GreenStockings) on Ravelry.

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August 11, 2012


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Tee hee 🙂


I didn’t get a great photo of the AIDS ribbon yarn bomb I did for the welcome of the Friends for Life Bike Rally and Team Knitters to Montreal at the end of their Toronto-to-Montreal bike ride to raise money to support people with AIDS.

You can see it above my head in this lovely photo courtesy of the lady who got us there, the lovely SeeEmilieKnit


I don’t know that I 100% understand coating things in yarn for its own sake (sure it’s prettified, but isn’t that a waste of perfectly good yarn?) – I take much more pleasure in clever, contextual yarn bombs: scarves & hats on statues in the winter, that kind of thing 🙂  I also love it when it’s done in real wool yarn, so that birds and animals can nick from it for nest materials, and I worry (perhaps unfoundedly?) that they’ll choke on acrylic.  Maybe I’m just nuts?


December 8, 2010

Steampunk Love in WoW:Cataclysm

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Can I point out that I am in love with the rad steampunk look of the population of Gilneas in the new World of Warcraft:Cataclysm content? Check out Gwen Armstead‘s classic mini top hat, quasi-Victorian outfit – not to mention giant-sword wielding abilities. I think she’s going to be my Halloween costume next year! 😀

Darius Crowley, rebel leader has a great piratey look to him with a shotgun to match, and Lord Godfrey has a classic top hat and the omni-present steampunk goggles.

Hubby and I played through the new worgen starting area content late last night, and aside from the total insanity of it (the new starting areas have blindingly fast respawn rates, but it doesn’t really matter since there are so many people running around), it was great fun. I haven’t had a chance to investigate, but I caught a glimpse of Prince Greymane lying asleep outside the inn just before we logged out, which has given me a tantalizing taste of a possible Prince Hal-esque storyline, perhaps?

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