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April 11, 2010

24hr Make-Along, Day 2

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I made my archery bracer today! (Go-go-gadget, archery gear!!)

It’s purdy. One of the stitching lines is very crooked 😦 So now, I have a quiver, a bracer, and still no glove… notice that I’ve not yet done the hardest, most fail-able task on my list for this weekend?

2.5hours for the quiver yesterday, 3hours this evening on the bracer = 5.5hours total, 6.5hours remaining that I am to put in tomorrow on the glove. I spent a lot of time today on my first bike ride of the year! I went to the sewing notions store for leatherworking tools and thread, and the wind on the way back was arresting – the whole trip took longer than it should have, ah well.


April 10, 2010

24 Make-Along

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The lovely and leethal Lee Meredith is holding a 24 Hour Make-Along this weekend. The idea is to spend some quality time with your crafting/making life, stay up all night, or commit to some sort of time span, where you can really devote your time and attention to your work.

I am not good without sleep. I never ever pulled a true all-nighter in university. I become a heinous bitch. Really, ask the hubby.

So I set myself the challenge to do 12 hours of crafting over the course of the weekend. I’m forever going on about the things I could make, should make, or whatever, and I really really really need to just do them. So!

This evening, I made my quiver!! Bear has gotten me really into archery, and so I’ve got to start making my own gear. I made a hip quiver that hangs from a belt or belt loop – it’s even reversible, and lined with green plaid. I’ve found the materials to make my bracer, and I should have pulled out the necessary bits for the fingers of my archery gloves at the same time. Oh well.

I figure those 3 projects should cover me for the weekend, and outfit me a little better for next Tuesday.


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