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September 26, 2010

Not Only A New Shelf

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But a new shelf with colour!

Two of my favourite craft bloggers are Alisa Burke and Cathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica.

I love both of their use of colour (really, these ladies have an amazing way with paint). And yes, paint. Paint kind of scares me.

I’m really good at those making crafts, like knitting and sewing where I’m working with three-dee (tee hee!) materials to make a three-dee thing.

Painting and drawing are things that have always intimidated me – I kind of feel that I can say at my age that they aren’t where my skills lie. I’ve got great penmanship and can do interesting enough lettering by hand, but the kind of painting that results in reasonably recognisable shapes is only just beyond me.

If I take a good deal of time with a line drawing, I can do a pretty good one. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it is enough to give me a certain amount of trepidation in working with that kind of arty art.

But my motto these days is “just bloody use your damned craft supplies, don’t you dare let them sit around not getting used because you ‘might use them someday’ which is rubbish.” Okay, so maybe that’s not motto material, but I haven’t figured out how to get that all into something concise.

So I just dove in and painted! The victim medium was acrylic paint on the ugly bright white metal brackets on my quite nice used-to-be-a-piece-of-futon-now-it’s-a-shelf which is nice maple-coloured wood.

Alisa Burke especially takes AMAZING photos. As much as I’m inspired by her colourful, messy style, I’m also inspired by the photos she takes of her work and her working.

I don’t have the bestest digital camera, but I like to think I occasionally hit it with a shot or two.

arty shelf bracket

I call it “arty art.”

More photos when it’s up on the wall!


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