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December 4, 2011

The Christmas is coming! The Christmas is coming!

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It seems very bizarre to have done a bunch of Christmas crafting supply shopping today with Bear, since it literally felt like March outside.  There were puddles and patches of not-quite-green grass all around.  Bear wore his sandals (with socks, I’ve given up) and a sweater, and it’s 8 degrees (Celsius) outside!  On December 4th!  In Montreal!  In Canada!

As usual, this will be a very crafty Christmas for us, and I feel very proud of myself that I actually started the Christmas knitting some time in November.  I posted my Christmas gift list on the Craftster 2011 Christmas to do board (you can read it all here, unless you are related to me and therefore are not allowed to look in case you spoil your Christmas surprise!)

So far, my favourite tutorials for the holidays this year are: Mount Gigantic’s Corrugated Coffee Cup Cozies, and Civil Bitch’s Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament


September 26, 2010

The Thing I Hate Most About Knitting Is…

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Weaving in the ends!!

dr.who scarf

What do you hate most about knitting?

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