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Worship Resources for Shawl Ministries, Knitters, and Crafters

I am lucky to have become an active member of my local Unitarian Universalist congregation: The Unitarian Church of Montreal

We have a knitting & crafting group that meets twice a month for a spiritual & social gathering, and I launched this group with a service centered around the idea of knitting as a spiritual discipline which unites the mind, the heart and the body.

Below is a list of resources from our service:

Reflection: “Mind, Heart & Body: The Spirituality of Handwork”

Meditation: “A Meditation for Our Hands”

Chalice Lighting: A Chalice Lighting for a Rainy Day

These texts are licensed under a Creative Commons license: you may use them without charge for non-commercial purposes including study, personal reflection, and use in whole or in part for worship services. If you are planning to use any of these texts in whole or in part, please let me know in an email to I can make them available in other formats by email if you need. Please credit Katharine Childs whenever these texts are used: if you make modifications, please share your work under a new Creative Commons license, available at

Recommended UU resources for worship services:

Song: Weaver of Our Lives Design (Singing the Living Tradition #22)
Closing Words: You Will Go Out With Joy (Singing the Living Tradition #780)


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